Agagu’s Family Says They Were Warned Of Impending Tragedy + Burial Still Holds Today

Members of the family  of the former Governor of Ondo State, Olusegun Agagu, have insisted that they will  go ahead with the arrangements for his interment despite the plane crash on Thursday.
That while they sympathise with the families of  those  who lost their  loved ones  in the crash, they will go ahead with the burial. The casket bearing Agagu’s  body  was not affected by the crash.

A member of the   Agagu  family, Chief Sehindemi Oguntoye,  said the community had a  premonition  that  a tragedy would occur  before the burial of the former governor. So the family held a prayer session  after it was warned of an impending  tragedy before the burial.
He said:
“The community had  been informed of an impending tragedy and the community had held a vigil  to avert it. The vigil even ended today (Thursday). It was a big tragedy for Iju-Odo community.
We had before the death of Dr. Agagu lost our traditional ruler, and now a plane crash which involves  our loved ones.’’
He, however, urged the community to be fervent in prayers  to prevent further tragedies.
The  residents of the community were in pensive mood, with many of them gathering in front of their houses discussing the incident. St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Iju-Odo  has been renovated for the burial service scheduled for Friday while major roads leading into  the town had  been rehabilitated.
The  grave  where Agagu will be  buried  in the church cemetery has also  been decorated to give him  a befitting farewell.

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