PHOTOS : Meet Skype Prostitute Who Has Sex Online With Strangers

Prostitution is going viral online too. A former ‘cam-girl’ who used to strip and masturbate for male viewers has revealed all that goes on in the seedy world of online stripping.
She opens up on how she started:
‘My first client was a guy named John who just wanted to talk. For three hours. When we finished, I was $270 (£168) richer, and he felt like he knew me.
‘Those clients seemed like such a cliché: The lonely guys who were looking for a pretend girlfriend for a couple of hours.’

She also explained what she loved about the job;
‘I just loved taking off my clothes and sucking on my fingers. I loved talking to them about their fantasies, and I loved seeing them masturbate through grainy cameras trained on laps sitting in swivel computer chairs.
‘It was the most customer service-oriented job I’d ever had: I had to be engaged, teasing, and friendly, while still managing to take down the guys who were just there to waste my time or get a freebie.’
But eventually she says she became exhausted by the myriad fake personalities she had created to speak to clients.
And her boyfriend grew tired of her subconsciously slipping into stripper mode whenever they had sex.
So she quit, abandoning her online profile and quietly slipping away from that world and back into her own one.
‘Today, I barely think about it,’ she says. ‘Except when, occasionally, I find myself accidentally looking back over my shoulder at a current lover as I undress, bending seductively forward – just like I used to.
Source : Naij

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