PRIDE COMES BEFORE THE FALL! Wizkid Now Gradually Suffering For His Arrogance

Few months back Wizkid insulted a fan on Twitter by calling him “broke”, many people cautioned him for the statement. A senior musician, J-Martins warned him to stop insulting his fans because music is a business that comes and go, no guarantees. But Wizkid refused to take J-Martins advise in good fate.

Back to the present. Wizkid had a big concert in Abuja on Sunday and many Nigerian’s boycotted the show. The gist going round now is that Wizkid was punished by the fans because of his arrogance.

The show was meant to start at 5pm but as at 9:30pm majority of the seats were empty, Wizkid was forced to perform for a near-empty hall….

I think those managing Wizkid should know that he is a very young man, so whenever he commits any of his youthfulness-related blunders they should talk to him to be humble, apologize and move on.
No doubt Wizkid is one of the best young artiste around but without the fans a musician is nothing!

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