Some came from Port Harcourt. Some all the way from Kaduna. Some flew in from Abuja while others came in from places like Benin, and Ekiti.




They all had one mission: to meet their favourite rapper in person, having been chosen by Chocolate City following a twitter competition.


The fans got to hang out with Ice Prince at the Chocolate City office, with many of them admitting the fun day was a ‘dream come true’.


‘It’s part of Chocolate City’s plans to bring our artistes closer to the people that love them’ says Aibee Abidoye, General Manager at the label.


Ice Prince himself was so pleased he took one of the fans home, having developed special interest in the 19year- old orphan.
‘He had about every picture I’ve ever taken. Wow’, Ice Prince said in surprise.
It was the young boy’s first time in Lagos and Ice Prince who drops his second album tomorrow was happy to show him round Lagos.


‘He reminds me of myself’, said the rapper who’s also an orphan.




Ice prince Fans Hangout 16 Ice Prince fans Hangout 15 Ice Prince Fans Hangout 14 Ice Prince Fans Hangout 13 Ice Prince fans hangout 11




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