PHOTOS : Lady Gaga Goes Completely Nude In Craziest Public Appearance Ever


Lady Gaga strips down completely nude as she takes inspiration from Botticelli’s Birth Of Venus for her new single’s artwork. In London, as always, the singer turned heads as she arrived looking as though she was searching for her alien messiah from Venus.

The singer stepped out with her arms raised, wearing the same see-through creation from earlier and a possessed stare, she walked barefoot on the pavement. Her appearance was nothing short of terrifying as she approached fans, hands, feet and face painted white and creepy glass-eye lenses.
The eccentric star showed off all she’s got, wearing a flesh-coloured thong and no bra, giving the crowds a glimpse of her nipples and bare bottom.  She also wore a crimped blonde wig and had dyed blonde eyebrows and white eyelashes, which left her with a shocked expression. 
More photos below









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