SHOCKING: Actress Jackie Appiah Looks OLD!

SHOCKING: Actress Jackie Appiah Looks OLD!

Jackie Agyemang (maiden name Appiah, born December 5, 1983) is a Canadian-born Ghanaian actress who is also popular in Nigeria.

In her recent interview, she said there is little difference between the movie industries of the two countries. The only thing, she says, is that there’s “a sense of urgency” when attending to one’s business, so she’s “always hyper” here, while in Ghana people are more laid back, and the actress feels calm and relaxed.

The actress is famous for her roles in the TV series Things We Do For Love, Tentacles, Games People Play, as well as appared in movies like Divine Love, Mummy’s Daughter, etc. She was named Best Actress in a Drama at the Africa Magic Viewers’ choice Awards in Lagos, Nigeria.

Recently, she has revealed her secret of looking ‘ageless’: she says using natural products and exercise help a lot. Interestingly enough, she has just shared a photo of herself made up and dressed up to look like an old woman!

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