The Reason Why Mourinho Was Parading An Arsenal Shirt After Chelsea Win


Jose Mourinho was seen striding around the Emirates clutching an Arsenal shirt after Chelsea’s 2-0 Capital One Cup win over the London club, but why?
It certainly wasn’t to antagonise the home fans or gloat over Chelsea’s London rivals – it was actually for a very different reason.

Arsenal’s star midfielder Mesut Ozil played the final half hour of the match and after the final whistle blew, he shared a tender moment with the man who coached him at Real Madrid.
Before they both moved to London over the summer, Mourinho coached Ozil at the Bernabeu to great success and the pair clearly have a special relationship.
Ozil gave Mourinho his shirt and shared a warm embrace with the Chelsea manager, which may not have delighted current manager Arsene Wenger.
The Germany midfielder told Bild earlier this month that he and Mourinho have remained in close contact since they both left Madrid.
Ozil revealed that Mourinho sent him a “Welcome to London” text when he first joined Arsenal and has looked out for his former charge since he arrived in the city.
It certainly was a heartwarming image and one which bears out how some players feel about working with the ‘Special One’.
Mourinho did not always get on with all of his players at Real Madrid, but there were obviously some who continue to hold the coach in the very highest regard.
For Ozil it clearly was very special indeed.

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