That babe is cute and irresistible. Yah! But she is not the most beautiful neither is she a saint. So if you are looking for a saint, go to heaven and meet angels, guys. We want you to know the six hot lies she might have been telling you.

“I’m a Huge Sports Fan”

We have some genuine sports lovers among females but they are few. The only reason some of them seat with you to watch football is because they want to please you.
“Some women believe that to keep a guy interested, she must love what he loves,” Someone said.

“I Like My Independence”

How bad girls, they love their freedom but the time wastage is only a plow to tell you that they are not desperate, even though some of them may be. Just tell her you love her. This would save you a lot of headache.

“I’m Always in the Mood”

Watch that!! She may be worrying about keeping up when she cannot get her hands off you in the beginning of your affair.
“Women are very much aware of their partner’s sensitivity in this area and don’t want to do anything to bruise their egos,” An expert said.

“It’s Cool You Have So Many Friends Who Are Girls”

Lie. Fat lie because they are jealous. Do not get that comment serious because you would end up in a bigger trouble when she sees you with a lot of ladies.

“I’m Low-Maintenance”

Whenever your girl starts telling you everything is cool with her, something is fishy. She may be putting an act to attack or move a way soon.

“I’m Fine”

She may be fine but it is not every time that she is fine especially when she is upset. “Saying ‘I’m fine’ can be easier than telling the truth, because she knows telling the truth risks making you defensive or angry. Or that you won’t understand,”


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